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Key Stand – 50×100 cm (RED) Kod: MKS-100K (RED)

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Key Stand – 50×100 cm (RED) Kod: MKS-100K (RED) Key hanger platforms are very important for key makers both to display different raw keys to customers and to keep many types together. The most common form was to place wooden planks on the wall and attach nails or screws at regular intervals. However, this is both very laborious and does not give the opportunity to make a re-design of the platform in time. With its ergonomic design of Mastepick, this product has made it very easy to assemble and install the plastic hangers and even to make a re-display design. You can adjust the dimensions of the plastic hooks under bottom and side by side as you wish. Especially, who ask themselves as „I want to be a new keymaker, what should I do?“, it is a product that provides great convenience for them. * Supplied with 100 pcs plastic hooks.

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